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Chez Victor
Chez Victor

If you’re looking for an upscale dinner spot for a date or some business colleagues in Abuja, I would recommend Chez Victor.  It’s a nicely decorated French restaurant located in Maitama, owned by a Togolese man, who incidentally lives right above the restaurant.  Smart huh?  Incidentally, my lunch date at the time was in a hurry that afternoon, so we didn’t get the chance to properly take in the whole dining experience.  However, we got a chance to meet Chef Victor himself, which was kind of dope.

The menu at Chez Victor is EXTENSIVE! The most I’ve seen at any other eatery in Abuja! And the names of the dishes were in French, with detailed explanations in English.  And let me tell you, everything sounded like they deserved to be on my plate! Mouth-watering!  For all intents and purposes, I would say that this was the closest thing to fine dining in Abuja, I would imagine!  The juices were freshly squeezed (big plus!) and it didn’t take donkey years for our food to arrive from the kitchen.  The presentation was yummy, adding to the really nice decor.

I would have needed, however, for the waiters to become completely conversant with the menu.  They knew absolutely nothing and therefore could not answer any questions about what to expect in each dish! So much so that I was afraid they wouldn’t get our order right.  I think there is a lot at play when it comes to the service part of restaurant service in Nigeria.  Waiters often look like they couldn’t really give a fuck and they always seemed to know nothing about anything about the restaurant.  But complaints about restaurant service in Nigeria will be a post for another day…

FYI, this is no Ketchup Café (to be blogged about later as well), so make sure you’re nicely loaded with cash!  Main course dishes easily begin from N3,500 ($21.68, according to the most current exchange rate).  Now looking at the dollar conversion, it may not seem like a whole lot, but shoot, I know that if I’m paying N3,500 for a single plate of food, never mind paying for drinks and what not, the food had better have me singing in four part harmony!

Address: 20 Ganges Street, (Off Alvan Ikoku), Minister’s hill, Maitama


udee rating: 4.5/5

Whenever I make another trip back home, I would need to give Chez Victor another try, for the sake of truly enjoying a full dining experience.  I mean the service was spot on when I went. However my date and I were the only patrons at the time.  I would like to see how things are managed when the restaurant is full swing and things get hectic. Hence, I docked off half a point – gotta leave room for improvement, as my Papa B would always say!  However, all in all the food was on point, the overall ambiance was on point.  I highly recommend!  Now that I think about it, I wonder if Victor’s living space upstairs is as glam as the restaurant itself and whether he cooks himself all the things he cooks in the restaurant kitchen.  I can just imagine his wifey (if there is one in the picture) saying: “yes, darling, I’m really craving that braised lamb shoulder tonight…


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