Naming: Naija Edition

Original piece found here BY udeebee Let’s talk about the Diaspora, shall we? I attended at a literary event when I lived in Abuja in 2011. It was hosted in one of my fav restaurants, J.B.’s Grill and there was a four-person panel present to share their work and answer questions. The topics of discussion… More Naming: Naija Edition

The Africas: Expand the African Single Story!

originally posted on By udeebee The single story. Africa is known for it and plagued by it. We all know the stereotypical imagery the story conjures: the pot-bellied child with flies swarming around jutting ribs, the slums with stray dogs licking water from an open gutter, the eternal wars orchestrated by power-hungry presidents who… More The Africas: Expand the African Single Story!